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Dear visitors! I'm glad to welcome you on my modest site.


    It is very pleasant, that to you this mysterious accessory also is not indifferent which to us not destiny even in hands to take. On my sight, in Nokia 7710 it is the best function (on the second place on all screen a video), since the majority of advertising smart phone was with it bewitching
Mobile TV▼BBC world.

Further I want to you to tell from what all began, as at me the idea has arisen to create this site. For those to whom it " on a drum "  press  the button



      All began from, when to me in hands the magazine Russian Mobile for May, 2005 has got. Having thumbed through it(him), Nokia 7710 on me has made huge impression. I, am possible to tell, has grown fond of it(him) and beginnings to dream of such device. On that time at me was Nokia 7600. I in general am by the admirer only NOKIA, since other popular models I have tried. And I quietly dream of it(her). Has bypassed interiors - on sale those, alas, has not appeared. And here suddenly through mine familiar I shall learn(find out,recognize), that one man has taken to itself such of Germany and sells her(it). In couple of days I have taken her(it) in hands. I speak at once: " did not know that with it(her) to do(make) ", and she(it) also on English was. More shortly, in two days has taken her(it) for 430 $ with a cover and headphones (it was a beginning of September), and all rest as he said it(he) has lost on border. More shortly, delirium... First two days I, am possible to tell, did not part with it(her). More - less all has mastered, but with Mobile TV all has become covered by a gloom. I even of the beginnings to think, that Visual Radio to this has any attitude(relation). In that time of the computer at me was not. On GPRS I lowered a heap of money. And per one perfect day I have come across the description 7710, where was written about the additional device instead of a back cover, about Nokia Streamer SU-22, which answers for reception TV. All at once became on the places. I began slightly to dream of this module, but, unfortunately I for one year have driven on it (reason of steel of a toy, files of a format avi and... ).

     With purchase of the computer, I suddenly sharply have come round also of beginnings to collect the information on it(him), and very quickly has come across the information, that it is a noncommercial demonstration accessory. Again precisely also I on time have cooled down. There were periods, that I again dreamed of it(him), and again overlooked(forgot). But that if it(he) at me also was, but TV I all the same could not look, I even and did not assume. Though, sometimes reflected on it.

     By then (the summer 2006) at me was some beautiful photos a tuner and mobile TV. At last, when I have come across on forums, pier, it(him) really to buy, and that in China it(he) is sold, I in a literal sense was mad about it(him) and on DVB-H as a whole. I have seen(overlooked) a lot of search of sites, has found on forums of the people, which at all did not know about SU-22. Then at me the idea has arisen to create a site (autumn 2006), that it(he) though could help someone.

     Since 2007 I have found most of all information on it(him), i.e. photo etc.

     To tell the truth, in the Chinese Internet about SU-22 I in general nothing have found, though much photos proceeds therefrom. The earnest entreaty, if you know something about it, write to me. And as a whole on the termination(ending) pilot of the projects in 2005 the information about a tuner in the Internet vanishes.

     Only in April 2007 I have found on a forum of the man, which has sold стример through the same forum. Nobody trusted it(him). Even I thought, that it(he) jokes. But when it(he) has sent me a photo, my doubts have disappeared. It(he) has written, that стример has come from Europe complete with the telephone (there where were pilot the projects).

      I hope that this site though someone has helped and will help with the future. I hope, that the collection of photos also has liked to you. Believe, that each photo was extracted by hard work. On it there left some tens evenings. I hope that the present judges SU-22 will estimate it. For all time I met only such 2 men on forums, some in general consider(count), that all this nonsenses also prefer to read book in Mobi Reader. To everyone.


In general(common) this site for those who appreciates and dreams about mobile TV on Nokia 7710 !!!

             First  site in the world devoted to

  Nokia Streamer SU-22






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