This modest website is dedicated to Nokia 7710 (smartphone) owners , who has just found out about the existence of the TV receiver.


All at once I got to upset you . The official site MOBILETV.NOKIA.COM declares, that Su-22 was not developed for commercial purposes. But in April this information was missing on this site. Most likely the streamer has already simply become part of their history.

Now it turns out to be impossible to be acquired , although it was tested according to the DVB-H standard  in 2005 (Finland, Taiwan, France, Malaysia, Spain, Australia and in other countries) .In Moscow it has been tested since April 2006.  It's going to be  deployed commercially in 2007, not only in Moscow, though but in other regions of Russia (Ekaterinburg).

Even if one could purchase the receiver, it does not mean it could be easily attached and used. This pleasure costs considerable money to be paid to the provider (appr. $15-20) which is, in fact, worth it. , I remind for those unaware of the Nokia N92 and N77 with a built - in DVB-H receiver, but none is really willing to replace their 7710 because of, first of all, Digital Video Broadcasting network undeveloped  and, secondly, it being a folder phone. Actually in the shape of a TV-set it looks quite alright but the series 60 seem to be rather simple.

Disappointingly, Series 90 are not supposed to be released any more because of allegedly small profit. One would really be eager to come across, let's say, a Nokia7710i with a built-in receiver.

 Further on we'll be considering the Mobile TV application without a receiver. The software version 3.26 does not open it at all. No trouble arises, though, as long as the version 4.10 goes.



                     For those who hasn't installed the programme yet:

                                Mobile TV,s90.sis       or with

                    "Get-to-know" information about the program without a streamer:

                               Mobile TV description

                    Read the PDF-file also taken from the official website to get acquainted with the technical properties of the tuner :

                               Nokia Streamer SU-22

                     The largest collection of photos in the Internet  about Streamer Su-22 (and a bit about Su-6, Nokia 7700, N92, DVB-H as well)


                     Video from an official site, where SU-22 and Nokia7710 are shown in much detail.




There's some talk at forums about SU-22 having been acquired after all with much difficulty and not even brand new, though. They also say that in Asia it can be easily bought (personally, I have not found any single piece of the information on Chinese sites ) and that one can get it via  Nokia workers whom one knows (if one has got any) for the price of $340(!).

If you have got any information about Nokia Streamer SU-22 or you can sell it to our site, please, let us know through our guest-book or  e-mail address:


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