We offer your attention two videoes c of an official site   MOBILETV.NOKIA.COM   with a Nokia SU-22.

I would advise you to load the first file, since in it(him) SU-22 is shown precisely - also, and there are less comments.



Mobiletv_consumer_feedback.mpg   (11,1МB)

Mobiletv_industry_feedback.mpg   (22,2МB)









Also we offer you two videoes from a site BBC


Mobile TV (Nokia 7710)       AVI-format (177*144)  1.5B


Mobile TV (Nokia 7710) 2      AVI-format (177*144)  1.4B



By the way, in an independent structure appendix Mobile TV is not blocked


Mobile TV in an independent structure           AVI-format (400*208) 2,8 МB




Clip with Nokia 7710          AVI-format (640*480) 1,86MB





On main



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